The American Communications Network is the leading provider of telecommunication products and services. It is based in North Carolina and specializes in providing telecommunication and networking products and services to both residential and business customers all over the world. Today, it operates in more than 20 countries all across the globe. The American Communications Network runs its business through a network of independent business owners (IBOs).

These people act as the company’s sales representative. They can market the products and services of ACN, and at the same time recruit people to become new independent business owners. How do you make money? You can make money both from the sales and referral of potential independent business owners.







What can you do to reach potential customers?

1. Hosting events – For you to reach as many potential clients possible, you should host an event. It could be a simple event wherein you invite your circle of friends, discuss ACN and the money-making opportunities. You might also want to tap into local business events for you to reach a bigger audience. You can also hold events in the community centers. Any events that will give you the chance to conduct a presentation on the money-making opportunity offered by ACN as well as the benefits offered by ACN’s products and services.

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2. Participate in various training events – The American Communications Network sponsors various training events for its independent business owners as well as potential recruits. If you are going to attend the training, you will be highly encouraged to bring guests. With proper education and rapport, your guests can be turned to new independent business owners. Aside from the possibility of finding new clients, the training also provides marketing tactics and ideas. You will be able to get marketing tips straight from the top ACN performers. At the end of the training, you will get not just the marketing tactics, but also life lesson which will motivate you to reach your goals.

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3. Establish your online presence – If you want to reach a wide audience, then you need to bring your business to the worldwide web. ACN has an official online store program wherein every independent business owner has his own independent domain. IBOs should activate the site before they can add their corresponding domain addresses. This will enable potential clients to access the information of the company. For every client that purchase the products or avail the services of ACN, the independent business owner receives credit. A commission is also made for new representatives referred through the site.






4. Focus on marketing ACN’s products and services/recruit new representatives – The money-making aspect primarily relies on the ability to sell the products and services of the company as well as the ability to bring new people to the company. For every person you recruit to work for ACN, you get to earn an acquisition bonus. If that representative makes sales, you get to earn a percentage too. In the multi-level marketing business, it is called residual income. However, many independent business owners earn a huge income from recruiting people to join ACN. It is where the bulk of the money comes from.ACN Avis

If you want to make a huge amount of money, then you should not only focus on marketing the products and services of ACN. Most importantly, you should focus on acquiring new independent business owner. You should aim for the residual income. Once you already build a solid team, you get to enjoy a continuous flow of money even if you are just doing minimal work or not at all.
Building and growing a business can be very intimidating, especially if you have not tried managing a business before. With proper training, support, hard work, creative strategies, and motivation, you will be able to build a solid team and a successful ACN business.